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Oia Santorini Greece
Greek Night Redux
Dec 12, 2020

First & Union Kitchen is offering pre-order, fixed-menu dinner for pick-up.  The dinner will be multi-course, including dessert.  We will also be offering a selection of hand picked wines to pair with your meal.  Treat yourself or order for those who aren't able to cook for themselves.

FIRST & UNION presents:

Brunch and Lunch

Pacific Northwest Style 

At First & Union Kitchen we love the Pacific Northwest and bringing classic ingredients like salmon and wild mushrooms to you.  Our brunch and lunch menus have lots of choices and our portions are big enough to satisfy even the hungriest of outdoor enthusiasts.  


A Taste of the Pacific Northwest

We love spending time outdoors, especially when wild edible mushrooms are growing in the woods.  That's why the menu always has dishes that feature a wide variety of delicious seasonal fungi. Morels and wine caps in summer, chanterelles, porcini and lobsters in the fall!

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